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Earning Vs. Making Money Lesson

Age range: 10 and up

Did you know there’s a difference between EARNING money and MAKING money? Well, there is and it's critical that you understand the difference. 

You see, most people 'earn' money, i.e., they trade their time and energy for a paycheck and never get paid for that time and energy again. 

Entrepreneurs, however, 'make' money by investing their time, energy and money to create products, programs and services they can sell over and over again.

Most financially free people become financially free by MAKING money. Students will understand this important distinction and how it impacts the way they bring money into their lives.

While the topic of entrepreneurship is being taughts in more and more classrooms around the world, most of our children are still being groomed for getting jobs when they get out of school…but there are so many other, more reliable and satisfying ways to bring money into our lives in order to be financially responsible for ourselves and our families.

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More details:

With this simple lesson called Earning vs. Making Money, your participants learn key distinctions between the two. In the end, they generally realize that MAKING their own money brings them a lot more freedom and opportunity in life. It also makes them fully responsible for themselves.

For every future adult that we prepare to be be independent, we keep one more from being dependent on a system that keeps people handcuffed to jobs they hate for years on end, most never realizing there is any other option!

You'll have great conversations around the differences between earning and making money. It’s a great opportunity to get the kids thinking about what THEY can do to start making their own money now and in the future.

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