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10-24-7: The Combination to a Life of Possibility Lesson

For ages: 10-16

What you get out of life depends on how much you put INTO life.

We all know people who have had good intentions about life, work, relationships, etc. but simply don't give it their all. Learning to put your best foot forward, regardless of what you’re doing, is invaluable.

One of my pet peeve’s with most of our current education system (and there are many), is that we make the world’s future population learn, aka memorize, a whole lot of facts and figures but we so rarely teach them how to accomplish anything in life.

Kids are growing up with the idea that the world should just be handed to them. They often think that if they just go to college and get any degree that they'll start making tons of money and living a great life...but like doesn't work like this.

The simple fact is that becoming financially responsible doesn't depend on knowing all the capitals in the United States. What you get out of life literally depends on what you put into life. 

Price: $14.95

More details:

In Camp Millionaire, we do this short, simple activity called Life’s Combination. It teaches the students that getting the most out of life has everything to do with how much you put into it.

Life’s Combination is the key to a successful life…whatever that means to a person. It’s about giving your all, doing your best, putting your best foot forward. All those saying that we thought trite when our mothers and fathers said them to us over and over again and now we know how right they were.

The fact is, if you don’t put your all INTO something, you’re not going to ever get everything you can OUT of something.

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