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Financial Freedom Playbook - CD

Ages: 10 and up

The Camp Millionaire Financial Freedom Playbook is used when you teach a multi-day Camp Millionaire or use it in a classroom setting where you're teaching the program over a period of time. 

The Playbook is for purchase by anyone who has purchased our Camp Millionaire Curriculum. It is not sold as a stand-alone product. All purchases will be cross-checked prior to authorization. If you have any questions, please call us at 805-957-1024. 

The product is digital, however, you may request an actual CD by sending an email to: [email protected]

Price: $395.00

More details:

The Camp Millionaire Financial Freedom Playbook is 132 pages, playful, colorful (if printed in color) and entertaining. It is used with our Camp Millionaire Financial Education Curriculum and often used as a review because the actual activity lessons in Camp Millionaire instill the information quite powerfully due to the use of the Accelerated Teaching Techniques we use in the program.

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